1,200 HP Integra Sets New 1/2-Mile Racing World Record!

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It takes more than raw horsepower to get an Integra to hit 210+ MPH.

Most of us know that the Acura Integra is a hell of car for performance applications. Its light weight, nimble handling, and dynamic chassis can be the baseline for some amazing builds. However, there are always folks that really manage to take the platform to the next level. Meet “Gringotegra”, the world’s fastest Acura Integra. Thanks to the good folks at 1320video, we are able to see some sweet passes by this beast at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

This Integra is owned by Myles Kerr of English Racing and he’s had the car for over 10 years. To say this Integra has been a long-term project would be sort of an understatement. This little car has gone through many stages in life, from only having an intake as its sole mod, to running 440 WHP on a stock GSR motor with a turbo kit. However, this car has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Now, the car is the current world record holder for the fastest FWD 1/2-mile car and has been for the last several years. Back in 2017, the car had already hit 200+ mph at a 1/2 mile event and 208.4 mph last year in 2018. You might think, “is this guy so crazy, that 200 MPH wasn’t fast enough?”. The answer to your question: yes, you’re 100% right, this guy is that crazy. We love it. How does Kerr plan on pulling this off? Lets find out.


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This years setup features a completely new b-series turbo setup featuring a list of crazy mods. This includes, a sleeved block, aluminum rods, ITR crank, 11.1 Wiseco pistons, ACL oil pump and bearings, a custom aluminum CNC head, GSC Power-Divison camshafts and valve springs/retainers. That’s a strong engine if we have ever seen one. However, the true icing on the cake is the ETS 7685 turbo kit that really pushes this motor to the absolute limit.

English Racing Integra

Although the exact HP is not known, the previous smaller turbo set made 1200 WHP, so we can be safe to say that this one makes substantially more than that. The results speak for themselves though, as Kerr manages to go 211.86 mph on only his second run of the day. However, just when you think he’d had enough, Kerr goes out and runs 213.97 mph on his third pass. If that’s not crazy, we don’t know what is. Good job Myles Kerr and the rest of the crew at English Racing, you guys definitely deserve it.

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