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We’re Getting a 2017 Acura TLX for a Week. Have Any Questions About It?

honda-tech.com 2017 Acura TLX review

X marks the spot. It did for the first Acura SUV, the MDX, that we reviewed here on Honda-Tech and it will again for the first Acura sedan, the TLX, that we’re going to drive around Central Texas for a week.

  Comments | By - March 14, 2017

30 Second Car Review: 1995 Honda Civic DX

The premise is simple: 30 seconds to review a car. Up on the chopping block, or as our host says “the Barret Jackson Auction Block” is a 1995 Honda Civic, complete with a broken axle. What more needs to be said? via Andrew Edgar

  Comments | By - October 14, 2016