S2000 Owner Channels Inner Mustang Driver: Expected Outcome Occurs

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Who knew that a Mustang driver would migrate to the world of Honda. Are Mustang crash jokes even en vogue any more? In what was an easily preventable accident, this Honda S2000 owner tried to do a burnout. Do I really even need to finish the sentence? Probably not, this is the Internet, we all know what happens next.

Warning: video has profanity in it, and is not safe for work.


There were a lot of warning signs in this video.

As soon as the video started playing, the first red flag is raised: vertical video. Videos shot vertically are a mere step away from Worldstar-levels of crazy things happening. That is the first clue. The second clue is equally obvious: a bunch of people congregating in front of the camera and standing next to a seemingly busy road. This is how almost every Cars and Coffee debacle begins.

Let’s¬†revisit that previously mentioned busy road. After the crash, as passersby flood onto the road to check out the carnage, cars passing by are not trying to be any part of this. The silver Tundra tries to push through the crowd. A blue B5 Audi S4 seemingly goes full throttle and locks up the brakes trying to avoid one of the stopped cars. What is kind of car meet is this?

Just look at the end result: smashed bumpers; airbags deployed, the right quarter panel and sill are twisted; broken axle, diff, rear suspension, and likely everything else attached to the rear subframe. Another AP1 sent to the grave.

honda-tech.com S2000 crash obvious mustang driver

On the flip side, we can’t wait for the inevitable Craigslist ad: “Clean S2000 for sale. Minor rear end damage. Runs great!”

Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for Honda-Tech and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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