Honda Teases Additional Details of 2017 Civic Si: Our Lust Grows

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All aboard the hype train, Honda just released a new video for the 2017 Civic Si.

At first, I wasn’t sure. I had my doubts about the tenth-generation Civic Si. When we saw it at the Los Angeles auto show, it roused none of us. I, in particular, was not impressed. Compared to my eighth-gen Si, with it’s naturally-aspirated K20Z engine, I thought the new L15 turbo would be a disappointment.

All of that went out the window quite recently, when Honda threw me the keys to a 2017 Civic Sport hatchback. It uses the same L15 turbo engine, in a less aggressive state of tune, as the forthcoming Si, and it was paired to 6-speed manual transmission. That is a fantastic automobile, consider me swayed. I, for one, welcome our new turbocharged, direct-fuel injected overlords.

That leads me to this:

Honda has been a bit coy about the 2017 Civic Si. It has made some auto show appearances, but details have been scarce and it’s presence in the news has been lacking recently. That makes it all the sweeter to see this little promotional film that Honda just released. It invokes a lot of strong brand imagery, of Honda; of the Civic nameplate; technological innovation and of Soichiro Honda himself. The Civic Si team thinks he would have liked it, especially with it’s new, turbocharged engine. If the Civic Sport has shown us anything, it’s that Honda is coming back, and in a big way. 2017 Civic Si 2018 Honda details news info


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