You Will Fall in Love With This Modified 1972 Honda AZ600 Coupe

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Whether It’s for Its Cute Looks or Awesome Performance, You’re Bound to Fall in Love With This Tiny Creation

Tiny cars and all the rage. Thankfully, Honda has produced enough cool little trucks and cars to keep us from spending our hard-earned bucks on vintage Mini Coopers and BMW Isettas.


Behold this miniature mad creation which sprouted from a 1972 Honda AZ600 Coupe. According to Honda, over 15,000 AZ600 Coupes were sold in the United States, which makes us think we would see more of them for sale. Unfortunately for us, there aren’t a ton of these in the papers.

We came across this littleĀ gem in the Los Angeles area Craigslist, and at $12,500 it’s a little steep, but it does have a ton of mods and unique touches to it. Oh, and a “rising sun” roof, though that’s removable, too. This AZ600 is powered by the originalĀ Honda twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine, and it shifts via 4-speed manual transmission. According to the listing, this particular unit “is made the way Mugen might have created if they ever got their hands on one.”


What exactly do they mean by this? Well, it’s been lowered, fitted with front disc-brakes, shaved bumpers, racing bucket seats, and even a thumpin’ sound system with Bluetooth capabilities! Oh, don’t you just love it when the past and the present come together in a project car? Furthermore, the ad mentions it “just won awards at a car show in Monterey during speed/auction week.”

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