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Car Throttle Host Ponders Prelude Build Amid Classic Hondas

Car Throttle Honda Prelude

Fully restored Prelude and NSX serve as fuel for potential engine swaps and more for magazine’s own cheap Prelude build

  Comments | By - May 15, 2019

Myth Busted: Can You Hit VTEC in Reverse?

We know about the face-ripping power that can happen when VTEC kicks in going forward. But what about when in reverse?

  Comments | By - August 23, 2017

Civic Type R Proves Front Wheel Drive Can Be Fast!

It’s a battle of opinion that has raged for decades, with front drive performance cars taking on rear drivers and cars with four driven wheels. As Honda enthusiasts, it’s likely that most of our readers will sit firmly within the FWD camp. Car Throttle jumps in on this debate with a good old-fashioned track battle […] More »

  Comments | By - December 15, 2016