Mint-Condition 33,000-Mile Prelude for Sale in the Forums

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33,000 Mile 2001 Honda Prelude

Take a trip down memory lane with this all-original ‘Lude. Just don’t forget your JNCO jeans and Linkin Park CD.

Online price guides are a great way to gauge the value of a used car. They’re based on actual sale prices of used cars, and as a result they tend to be more accurate the more common the car in question is. So, what happens when you come across a unicorn?

You throw the book out the window. In the words of a former boss, a car collector: “There’s what the book says, but what’s the nicest one in the world worth?” Well, what you’re looking at may very well be the nicest 2001 Honda Prelude on the planet.

And while many members of the Honda community prefer the contemporary Civic, the Prelude has a dedicated following. Fans of its sporty shape, Honda reliability, and entertaining driving characteristics will be pleased to learn that such a car exists, and best of all, it’s posted here in our Honda-Tech forums.

33,000 Mile 2001 Honda Prelude

Back when sporty coupes were all the rage, the Prelude was Honda’s entry in a market filled up with the likes of the Toyota Celica and Ford’s Mustang. It’s angular styling and features were a subtle nod to the shape of the original Prelude, years before overblown, tacky retro styling became the norm in the segment.

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