Mint 1991 Civic Offers Cheap Pass to Golden Era Honda Goodness

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1991 Honda Civic

This Honda Civic provided its owner with decades of faithful service. But it still has a whole lot of life left in it.

We’re not sure where all of these low mile vintage Hondas are coming from lately, but they’re coming in waves. We just assumed that all these old cars had been driven into the proverbial ground. Because that’s what they were designed to do, right? But apparently, some people hoarded their Hondas away and drove them very little over the years, preserving them like collectibles. And the result is a bunch of gorgeous finds like this immaculate 1991 Honda Civic up for grabs at Barn Finds.

It isn’t quite as low mileage as some of the other stuff we’ve seen lately, but 77k is nothing to sneeze at. The seller reportedly purchased it as a commuter that “could be maintained and driven on the cheap for a decade or two.” And it looks like this Honda Civic did just that, giving him years of faithful service. But the seller also obviously took very good care of the car, given the condition it’s in today.

Honda Civic

Sure, it’s a DX, so there’s nothing fancy about this Honda Civic. But that’s also part of the charm. We miss the days when cars were just simple. Heck, this thing doesn’t even have power steering or air conditioning. Just a dead reliable drivetrain and a radio.

Thus, the asking price for this gem is a mere $4,000. Which seems like a pretty good deal to us. After all, this Honda Civic still has decades of reliable service in it to give. And by then, you’ll probably still be able to sell it without losing too much (if any) money!

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