Honda Prelude Gem Is Worth Pushing Back Retirement: What’s up in the Forums

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Any financial adviser would tell you to never draw from your 401k to buy a car. But this Prelude was totally worth it.

If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the world of finance, you already know the drill. Pretty much every good adviser will tell you the same thing. Keep a few months of expenses in an emergency fund, then invest the rest in your 401k or similar retirement vehicle. Early withdrawals, however, are the devil and only lead to you having to push back retirement later in life. But Honda-Tech member SIRIUS found himself ignoring that advice when this stunning Honda Prelude clouded his judgement recently.

“I cashed in part of my 401k to diversify and invest in more #goldenerahonda. Does that upset you guys? It’s a ’98 5-speed with one prior owner and it’s the ****. I love it. Definitely a future collector car and rising in value. 130k. Dealer serviced since new. $11k in maintenance receipts. Older woman stationed in Newport, RI owned it.”

Honda Prelude

Well, when you put it like that, we suppose maybe buying this gem of a Honda Prelude wasn’t such a poor financial decision. And with a selling price of under $4,000, who are we to argue with this incredible bargain?

“Definitely a steal. I moved on it quick knowing if I didn’t it would be gone. Drives and handles like it’s a 40k mile car….seriously.”

Sure looks like a 40k mile car too, inside and out. And when you consider that most of these cars have been riced out or beaten to death, it makes it all the more desirable. As the OP and pretty much everyone else already knows.

“I’ve looked on and off for a nice one seriously for 7 or so years. The nice ones are automatic. The manuals are usually beat or hacked. Then you have the rusty ones. This one ticked the boxes. Well kept, maintenance records, 5-speed, and no rust. I had to buy it.”

Honda Prelude

Hilariously, the OP even provided a picture of his 401k withdrawal upon request. And even though we’d generally recommend avoiding such drastic measures, buying something as nice as this mint Honda Prelude was certainly worth it. Plus, we’re sure your financial adviser would be cool with it, right? And if not, maybe it’s time to find another one!

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