11K-mile 1986 Honda Accord Has Us Hot for Hatches

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1986 Honda Accord

All it took to preserve this amazing Honda Accord was a homebody snowbird and a couple of good friends.

Around these parts, we’ve obviously got a thing for clean old original Hondas. Sure, we love our insane and highly modified rides like everybody else. But the key to our proverbial hearts lies in cars like this incredibly clean, 11k-mile 1986 Honda Accord hatch we spotted on eBay. For starters, it brings back fond memories of some pretty good (read: younger) days. Heck, many of us grew up driving cars like this one to school. Marveling at how it somehow kept ticking, no matter how much abuse we threw its way.

Obviously, we know better today, and we’d probably handle this gorgeous hatch with kid gloves. But how does a car that most drove the wheels off of live to see such little use? Apparently, this particular Honda Accord was owned by an elderly “snowbird” who rarely fled far from their summer home. And they certainly didn’t mod it in any way either, as this one appears to be remarkably original.

1986 Honda Accord

After the original owner passed away, it was purchased by her good friends. They proceeded to drive it only 1,000 miles in the next 5 years before moving on. Somewhere along the line, the right side of the car was repainted for reasons unknown. But other than that, this Honda Accord looks like a real gem.

1986 Honda Accord

Having received regular service over the years, we’re not surprised it still runs perfectly. But the interior, like the exterior, looks so good you’d think this car just rolled off the assembly line. It’s a true flashback on wheels, and one that we’d love to park in our own garage. After all, when was the last time you had hatch envy of this magnitude?

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