Immaculate 1980 Honda Accord Is the Beginning of an Era

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1980 Honda Accord

With few miles on the odometer and in factory fresh condition, this early Honda Accord eBay find truly stands out.

It’s easy to forget, but there was a time when the Honda Accord wasn’t so refined. Or large. Or packed with 300+ horsepower. But it’s always enjoyed incredible popularity here in the U.S., from the day Honda’s iconic nameplate first appeared back in 1976. By 1979, the addition of a four-door sedan variant only furthered the Accord’s meteoric rise, to the point where American buyers were forced to pay more than sticker price or wait to get one.

Despite their incredible success and legendary reliability, you don’t see a ton of nicely kept early Honda Accord examples around these days. Probably because people drove the wheels off these things. But this 127k-mile 1980 model that popped up on eBay recently is the obvious exception to that rule. That’s merely break-in mileage for this car’s 1.8-liter inline-four. And hey, it’s even got a 5-speed manual tranny behind it!

1980 Honda Accord

The original Hampstead Green Metallic paint shines like new, and makes us wonder why more new cars aren’t offered in this hue. Thanks to a life in dry climates, there’s no rust to be found anywhere. All the original trim, including those tiny 13-inch wheels, appears to be intact and in phenomenal shape as well.


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Then there’s the interior, which almost looks factory fresh. The headliner isn’t sagging, the dash isn’t cracked, and the steering wheel is solid. Really the only negative we could find is the lack of air conditioning. Which is a no go for some of us hot-blooded softies.

1980 Honda Accord

Still, it’s hard not to appreciate this gorgeous Honda Accord for what it is. You seldom see these things in such fantastic condition, which makes it quite notable. But this beautiful ride is also a nice reminder that the Accord has always been a phenom, even from the start!

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