Member Spotlight: This S600 Build Is Cuter Than Your Civic

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The S600 IS Honda automobiles. After the T360 kei car and the similar S500, the S600 was the company’s first major four-wheeled vehicle when it was launched in 1964 and helped make Honda what it is. It originally debuted as a convertible and a fastback coupe was introduced in 1965. This coupled with the fact that it was only produced through 1966 make it quite a collectible. The car ran on a 600cc inline-4 that made only 57 horsepower, but it also only weighed abut 1,600 pounds.

Honda-Tech member BMS250FORD was well aware of the car’s importance, so when one popped up for sale, he took advantage:

“We too have caught the Honda S600 bug,” he said in his first post. “We saw this car advertised locally and was pleased to see how original and complete it still is. Apart from the poor paint and body repairs, all the bits are there in various states of disrepair. Our intention is to do a body off frame restoration, starting with the chassis and running gear before tackling the body work. We will rebuild the original engine and have absolutely no intention of changing it.”

It’s kind of refreshing to see a restoration without the person trying to cram another new engine into it. True to his word, after playing with the engine a bit, BMS started by removing the body from the frame. This is a great thread for a great car. Make sure to follow here.

via [BMS250FORD]

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