The “I Just Bought an S2000” Starter Pack

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The S2000 is a beautiful roadster with sharp handling and a 9000 RPM four-cylinder engine that would make Soichiro Honda proud. As potent as it is in stock form, every S2000 owner takes a few liberties and customizes the car to their liking. However, there are a few common trends in the S2000 world, and chances are, if you are modifying your S2000, we know the route you’re going.


1. Enkei RPF1


Whether you’re trying to be king of the track day, or the car meet, Enkei’s ubiquitous RPF1 wheels are featured more prominently on S2000s than any other wheel. Bonus points if you decide to blowout those fenders and run those wide 17×9’s with that +45 offset and some meaty tires (alternatively, we were going to suggest a “fender roller” for the #1 spot).


2. Coil-overs


Wheel gap is for suckers, and what use are those sick wheels without the appropriate stance to match? Adjustable suspension, A.K.A. coil-overs, seem to be a prerequisite for owning an S2K, either buying them before you even own the car, or putting them at the top of your car parts wish list. Whether you just want to slam your ride on some BC Racing coils, or ball out of control and crush lap records with some JRZ’s or Moton’s, coils are the way to go.


3. Hardtop


Spoon, Mugen, eBay, whatever: hard tops make your S2000 look boss. By trading your rag top for a removable hardtop, you’re giving your S2K is more aggressive look, and in theory, improving rigidity. Also, if you do want to be King or Queen of the track day, it’s a safety requirement demanded in a lot of different types of motorsport. But screw that, you’ll be the top dog at the hard parking meet and one up all of the other stance bros.


4. Big Wing

Big Wing

Oh, you drive an S2000. Let me guess, you have a huge GT wing on the back, right? S2000s, especially the earlier AP1 cars, are tail happy beasts. If you’re really pushing hard, that big wing will help keep the rear of your car planted. Look at the guy above, HE HAS ALL FOUR THINGS ON THIS LIST. Clearly, that is someone is who is “killing the game” and ballin’ harder than you or me. Also, when you spin out for the tenth time on your way to work, you’ll wish you had that 70” APR wing.


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