The Original Honda Sports Car: 1965 S600

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Honda’s S-line of cars can trace its lineage all the way back to the fall of 1962, where, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda impressed the motoring masses with the S360. It was a small sports cabrio, with lines quite similar to the S600 you see here, but it was also an affront to the Japanese government who, at the time, was making moves to quell Soichiro’s dream of building cars.

This S600 coupe¬†is a 1965 example, and is in immaculate condition from top to bottom. Whereas the S360 and S500 were sold in the mainland and offered in just convertible options, the S600 was Honda’s export model and also was available as a coupe. This particular example was recently listed for $55,000, and with the sale of these vehicles so few and far between, there’s no way to really judge if that’s a fair market price.¬†There are, however, people that are out there who will put any sum of money on a car in order to have it. Is this one of those instances?

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