Meet the New World’s Fastest Acura Integra

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Turbocharged Integra blasts past the 200 mile per hour mark in the half-mile.

The average Acura Integra shines brighter on a road course than a drag strip, but this particular Japanese compact has been built to reach insane speeds on a half-mile blast. At a recent Never Lift half-mile top-speed event, this wicked Acura hit a stunning top speed of over 204 miles per hour – and we get to watch courtesy of TheBayAreaRacing YouTube channel.

The World’s Fastest Acura

Before getting into the record-setting action, here is a quick rundown of this monster Acura. Under the hood is a built B18C1 GSR engine with a custom bottom end, a worked cylinder head, a custom camshaft package and a gigantic turbo setup with a Precision 7675 Gen 2 unit. All of the turbo piping is titanium, with the compressed air traveling through a 5-inch intercooler into the 4.5-liter intake manifold. Of course, it has a high volume fuel system from pump to injector, helping to feed that hungry, boosted engine.

Turbocharged Top Speed Integra Side

The information in the video explains that this Integra has a progressive boost control system, with just 17 pounds in first gear ramping up to 54.4 pounds in fifth gear, allowing the car to pull like crazy on the big end.

The power is sent to the front wheels by means of a 5-speed Graf Gearbox “dogbox” manual transmission, with Toyo R888 semi-slick tires putting the power to the ground.

Finally, along with some weight reduction, this Integra has a custom aerodynamics package that includes a subtle rear wing, a rear diffuser and a front splitter.

Top Speed Integra on Track

The Record-Setting Blast

We get to watch this Acura Integra make a couple of runs at the Never Lift event and on each run, the boosted engine sounds absolutely savage. This car screams down the track and when it crosses the line, it does so at greater than 200 miles per hour.

To be exact, in this video, we see a top speed in the half mile of 204.35 miles per hour. According to the video details, that makes it the fastest Integra in the half mile in the world. The video details say 207, but the timing board reads differently and in any case – this car is crazy-fast.

Integra Goes 204

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