K24 Swapped Nissan 240SX? (video)

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K24 swapped 240SX

We’ve heard of Nissan 240 guys putting all manner of engines under the hood, but this is the first time we’ve seen one with a K24.

We came across a most intriguing Craiglist ad that claimed, “Honda K24 swapped 240sx.” At first we thought someone forgot the letter “A”, since the Nissan 240SX in the U.S. came with either a KA24E or KA24DE (single- or dual-cam). Nope, under the hood is a genuine Honda mill. A K24 block from a TSX with a K20 head! The sticker is a nice touch.

K24 swapped 240SX engine bay

After we got over the shock we started searching for the answer to the question of “How???” Custom motor mounts, an S2000 transmission, and some janky wiring did the trick. The current owner did not perform the swap. He speculates that the previous owner did the swap to prove it could be done, then lost interest. It’s not the cleanest swap we’ve ever seen either. The interior is spartan, at best, with no heat, AC, or radio.

If you’re like us, you’re hoping to see, and hear, this thing run. At the very bottom of the ad, he dropped a YouTube link, simply saying, “here’s a video of me beating on it.” After his earlier comment, “The good news is that it’s hella fast.” we were pretty excited about a video.

If you want to see some engine bay close-ups, start from the beginning. If you’re like us and you want to skip to the good stuff, hit play or skip to the 8:50 mark. The swapped 240SX is lined up against a bone-stock 90’s 240SX and it beats the snot out of it in an impromptu drag race. With the shorter S2000 gears and the nice high rev limit of the K24, this 240SX absolutely rips.

What do you think of this odd-swap? Join us in the forums and let us know.

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