Yes, a Civic Type R K20C-Powered 1995 Civic Hatch Is Happening

By - K20C EG Civic Hatch Civic Type R Engine Swap

Off the shelf swap kits need not apply: this Honda enthusiast is making his own.

Short of J35 swapped Civics, swapping a K20C Type R engine into a fifth-generation Civic is the pinnacle of Honda engine swapping.

That’s exactly what Miguel Carrera of Barcelona, Spain is doing. The Honda enthusiast is a racing mechanic at the prestigious¬†Monlau Repsol Technical School. That means that this project will not only be awesome, but it will also be done right! K20C EG Civic Hatch Civic Type R Engine Swap


The specifics of the project involve a 306 horsepower K20C engine from a wrecked 2015 FK2 Type R, and a 1992 Honda Civic EG hatchback with a curb weight of around 2,100 pounds. According to reports, Carrera is aiming for a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

While we didn’t see a Type R on American shores back in 2015, Europeans did, with the FK2 Civic Type R. The engine is virtually identical to the current FK8 Type R we did get. Even better, you can follow all the action through Carrera’s Instagram account. K20C EG Civic Hatch Civic Type R Engine Swap


Several pictures reveal his obsession for weight savings, which is why he’s planning on making the 2,100 pound Civic even lighter. Several photos show Carrera replacing the Civic’s subframe with a lighter unit from FCS. Additionally, he has a 5×114 hub conversion. Sound odd? Well, it is, until you figure that Carrera wants to run the lightweight BBS wheels from a Mitsubishi EVO 9. Brakes were also upgraded, along with the 5 lug hubs. Other engine and body components see upgrades as well as Carrera strives for maximum lightness and track day supremacy.

You bet we will be following Carrera’s build on social media and will keep you up to date. Enjoy!

Photos via [Instagram]

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