Best Honda Civic Si Daily Driver?

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Honda Civic Si

Before you drop your hard earned cash on a used Honda Civic Si, check out what our members have to say about them!

For most folks, the base Honda Civic represents some of the best daily transportation around. After all, this is a dead reliable, fuel efficient, well-built ride for the masses. All at a pretty affordable price. What more could you ask for? Well, for us enthusiasts, quite a bit. For starters, a little more power and most certainly a fun chassis. Enter the Honda Civic Si.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of excellent used examples of Honda’s sporty Civic to choose from. And they’re, for the most part, pretty darn affordable as well. But of the many generations and iterations, which one is best served as a daily driver? To answer that question, we, along with Honda-Tech member Turbolag11 look to the forums.

Honda Civic Si

“I’m looking for a daily driver that I can take back and forth into town and run errands with. I’ve been wanting a Civic for a while, and now seems like an opportunity to finally get one. So my budget is $5-7,000. I’ve been looking through Craigslist in Houston, and found a couple for sale that I’m definitely interested in. 

1. 07 Civic SI 4 door, 75,000 miles

2. 00 Civic SI, 153,000 miles

3. 07 Civic SI coupe, 109,000 miles

These cars are mostly stock. I didn’t want to get anything modified.”

Honda Civic Si

While most folks have their particular preferences, others offer more general advice.

“I’d say 4-door,” says rico91stang. “Most utility, lowest miles, and not as much of a thief magnet.”

“If you are finding an EM1 for $5-7k, it will be well bought,” adds Caoboy.

“Make sure the newer Civics had their airbag recall taken care of,” says JDMdoode.“The 4-door gets my vote.”

Simple enough, right? After posting links to the cars, the picture becomes a little clearer, however. The 2000 model looks a little rough, and the other two might be hiding some gremlins considering the prices, as Caoboy notes.

“Hard pass on that ’00. The ’06 and ’07 I’d go over with a fine toothed comb and run my own CarFax. Would not be surprised if they were in a collision.”

Honda Civic Si

Still, plenty of other folks recommend something different altogether. Obviously, cars like the Acura TSX offer a similar experience without the markup price associated with the Honda Civic Si nameplate.

“It’s great car,” notes Brice.Hayden.“No doubting that. But the Si carries the hype tax that the TSX doesn’t. It has all the amenities and power with the driveability of an Accord. It’s just a great alternative to an Si sedan.”

“Get a TSX instead,” adds NVturbo“Cheaper and basically the same car. That’s what I might get soon.”

“I vote for TSX as well,” says Mattb16teg.“I loved mine and should have kept it!”

Turns out, there are a ton of TSX fans in the forum. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, since those cars are virtually bulletproof. If you can find a manual in good shape, that is. Which isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world.

Regardless, the OP has now expanded his search to include both the Honda Civic Si and the Acura TSX. He’s still looking, however, so he needs your help! Head over here and chime in with your advice. Or even better, any leads you might have on what could be the perfect daily driver for our OP!


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