Turbo Honda Civic Si is a 500 HP Sleeper

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This Civic sleeper is hiding a fully built turbo-charged engine under the hood, and it’s a joy to watch it try and lay down its power.

Given the sheer volume of cars Matt Farah drives, when he gets excited about a car it’s probably worth paying attention. When it’s a Civic sleeper we definitely pay attention, and this Smoking Tire ‘One Take’ video features just that.

A Civic sleeper Si

There is, of course, some argument about what makes a sleeper and Honda’s Si model is certainly a higher performance version of a Civic. However, the Si has never been overt about what it is. It’s not at all like, say, BMW M car with it’s aggressively accentuated bodywork. Traditionally, Honda saves up all their shouty excess for the R-Type, but the Si has always been quietly understated.

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Other than a pair of aftermarket rear lights and a couple of stickers, nothing really gives this car away. It basically looks like a college kid’s car that’s going to be beaten from the lights by anything with a V6 or larger under the hood.¬†However, an amateur run at the drag strip saw the car make it down the quarter mile in 12-seconds. That’s a whole 3 seconds faster than a stock 2014 Si coupe. If Matt Farah is right, a different driver could get it down to an 11-second car.

All of that power does come from the Civic’s 2.4-litre inline-four. However, it’s been rebuilt to take¬†a Comp Turbo unit forcing 16 pounds of boost into it though. With 450 hp going to the front wheels and no advanced torque vectoring technology, it must keep its owner sharp.

It also looks like the perfect Honda to go Mustang hunting with.

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