’90s JDM Goodness at Japanese Super Car Cruise

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A group of ’90s JDM super car owners in gather in San Fransisco and bring out the best from Japan, then the Police showed up. 

The 1990s were the greastest era of Japanese super cars. Every major manufacturer was building a high performance sports car to wow the world. Honda had the legendary NSX with its exotic aluminum monocoque and mid-engine design. Toyota had the iconic twin-turbo Supra with the incredible 2JZ engine. Mazda had twin-turbo rotory power in the awesome RX7. Nissan had both the Skyline GTR and the twin-turbo 300ZX. Even Mitsubishi had the twin-turbo 3000GT in the running. All of these cars are so different, but they have one thing in common. They are all 100% Japanese.

jdm super car cruise fatlace

This year in the Bay area of California, a group of JDM super car owners organized a cruise and meet. The car would gather in Milpitas and cruise all the way down to San Fransisco, the destination was Treasure Island. The NSX group attending was rather large and very diversified. Early NA1s, came in all different colors and styles, from completely stock to heavily modified and stance’d out. There was even a NSX Type R which was running Washington plates. We are unsure if the NSX traveled down for the show or was just visiting, but we are glad he brought out the rare Type R. This is a car we wish Honda would have imported back when they were new.

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Fatlace was on hand to grab photos of all the amazing JDM super cars. The SFPD got a call from an over sensitive security guard. The Police had no issue with the meet up and shortly left. Also out in force, was a group of mark IV Toyota Supras. It is interesting to see the big Supra next to a low NSX. Check out the full coverage from Fatlace. Let us know in the comments what you favorite 90s JDM super car is and why.

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