Honda-Tech Is Going To Radwood 2, Are You?

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The greatest car show for 80’s and 90’s cars is coming up in less than a month.

Prepare your CRXs and NSXs, Accords and Integras, Citys and Civics, because Radwood is back, and it’s bigger than before. Back in June, Radwood kicked off in Northern California as one of the coolest new ideas to play on the current nostalgia for decades gone by. A show for enthusiasts of 80’s and 90’s automobiles, Radwood was such a success that it has returned for a second iteration just 6 months later. This time in car-loving SoCal at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim on Saturday, December 2nd. If you’re a fan of this era and have a cool old Honda to bring out, Honda-Tech will be in attendance to award a trophy to our favorite Honda or Acura model. So, does your car have what it takes? Radwood 2 Los Angeles Honda Acura Classic Car Show

We generally look fondly on this era, because many of us were young when these cars were new. They shaped our vision of the automobile, at least in some way. We appreciate the inherent simplicity and do-it-yourself ability of a car built 18 years ago (or older). This is a show for cars built between Jan. 1, 1980 and Dec. 31, 1999, though exceptions can be made for earlier cars with a distinct period-correct flair. We’ve got a few folks signed up already with some pretty rad Hondas. In fact, one person has stated they’ll be bringing a matched set of Motocompos, one in each color.

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More than just cars, Radwood is also a celebration of the period, so make sure you wear period-correct clothing, and bring a piece of cardboard to bust your best breakdance moves. You can learn more by heading over to, you can sign up your car (space is limited, so sign up early!) by checking out the Eventbrite page. Entering the show will cost $25, and covers entry for you and one passenger. If you aren’t bringing a car (or are the 3rd passenger in a car), it’s $10 to spectate. Come one, come all, bring the family, it’ll be a great time. If you happen to be bringing an era-appropriate Honda motorcycle, use code RADBIKE for $10 off.

Radwood was created as a joint venture between members of the Cammed & Tubbed Podcast, Clutchkick Podcast, and Driving While Awesome! Podcast. In the interest of full disclosure, I am part of that venture, and will be helping to host this event. You should come, it’ll be fun.

[Lead Photo: Kurt Klingensmith – Poster: Kevin McCauley]

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