Honda Introduces New Sports EV Concept At Tokyo Motor Show

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The Honda Sports EV is the greatest car Honda has made in years. 

So long as you don’t count the Civic Type R as a sports car (which I do not). There is only one such car in the company’s lineup, and that’s the aspirational NSX. It’s been years since Honda has built a proper sports car, and I will go ahead and include the somewhat misguided CR-Z in that. A true two-seat sports car has been absent from the Honda lineup since the S2000 died. If this glorious little runabout makes it to production, and it sounds increasingly likely that it will, I am really excited about the prospect.

[Editor’s Note: Brad has clearly lost his mind. Take his opinions with a grain of salt, just like the rest of the office does.]

Just this year Honda has launched the NeuV concept, the Urban EV concept, and a self-stabilizing electric motorcycle concept, in addition to this vintage-inspired small coupe. The company has stated that their goal is to move to a completely electrified future lineup of hybrids and pure EVs. If this is the kind of car they’ll turn out with EV power, I am backing Honda’s decision one-hundred percent. We need a true Honda sports car any which way we can get it, and I’m hopeful that this one will be as great to drive as it looks.


While I am a big proponent of an electric future, I’m almost more excited about this sports car’s design cues. Obviously inspired by Honda’s futuristic design language, this car looks a bit like ASIMO had a baby with a mid-1960s Honda S600 Coupe. As cool as the Urban EV concept is, I can’t stop dreaming about the future in which we will all be able to drive a production version of this car. Honda hasn’t confirmed that this car will hit production yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this hit the market in mid-2019 shortly after the promised Urban EV.

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