Video: Building a Honda-Powered Classic Mini

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Is the Ultimate Mini a Honda-Powered Mini? Watch and Find Out!

We love Honda cars for many obvious reasons, but primarily because they’re simple, somewhat inexpensive, and fun. If you grab those same principles and apply them to any European manufacturer, it’d be hard to come up with a better choice than Mini. Sure, ever since BMW took over they’ve done nothing but grow doors, gain weight and become mainstream, but they’re still cool.

Nevertheless, the old-school classic Mini will always be the coolest mini of them all, and the simplest, cheapest, and funnest! So, what could possibly happen when you stuff a JDM Honda Civic Type R engine under the hood of one? Nothing but pure awesomeness, of course!

That’s exactly what the folks of Mighty Car Mods are up to, and they’ve now published two different videos showing us how that process is going!

If you know Minis then you know that they’ve always been underpowered. As a previous owner of an R56 S, and an R60 JCW, we know first-hand that they’re a lot of fun but could always use a little more power. Then again, what couldn’t?

Check out some of the challenges that come along with stuffing a Honda engine into the tiny British car, and decide for yourself if it’s a challenge you’d like to tackle. We can’t promise it’ll be easy, but we know it would be an insanely amount of fun. You love fun, don’t you?


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