See Why This Famous Rapper Is Still Rockin’ His ’97 Accord

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Not Only Does He Rap About Paying off Student Loans and Making Smart Decisions, but He Doesn’t Drive the Typical Rapper Whip

Financial advice isn’t most people’s forte. Regardless of which generation you were born into, the fact is that saving, being frugal, and living within one’s means isn’t necessarily the standard. Don’t worry, I’m not here to preach to you about how to manage your money, but to share what rapper Dee- 1 has done with his. Hint: it includes a 1997 Honda Accord with 300k miles.

Acorns recently caught up with Dee- 1, and held a lengthy interview about what it means to drive a 19-year-old Accord. More importantly, what it’s like to be signed with a major record company, generate a pretty substantial income, and still drive the same Accord he did when he was a public school teacher.

When asked about managing temptations, and not giving into the “rapper lifestyle,” Dee- 1 said, “It’s just discipline. I know that anything I spend has a consequence. I wasn’t raised to need the things other rappers may need—like, you’ve got to have this many carats of diamonds or drive this type of car. I don’t need those things to feel fulfilled.”

Judging from the video, the Accord seems to be in pretty decent shape. Sure, he pokes a little fun at its age in the lyrics, but visually the ride looks solid.

We encourage you to read the full interview, as well as check out his Facebook page.

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