Jeremy Clarkson Reviews The Honda NSX

By - Jeremy Clarkson Honda Acura NSX review

It’s Safe to Say He Doesn’t Much Care for It.

In his recent column for the UK’s “Sunday Times” newspaper, automotive celebrity, Amazon program host, and all around wanker Jeremy Clarkson was a bit of a downer about Honda’s newest super sports car. Somehow, we aren’t quite sure how, Clarkson managed to find something to complain about in nearly every aspect of the NSX’s existence. Maybe he is just getting angrier in his old age, or perhaps his producer hasn’t brought him food in a while and instead of punching someone he decided to throw written fists at Honda. We’re all in favor of brutally honest reviews, but this reads more like an angry divorce filing.

The first half of the-almighty-Jezza’s review is spent reminding everyone at length how long the NSX was in development and how often Acura changed the script of what the NSX should be. After actually driving the car, he found it ‘not that quick’ thanks to the quiet mode’s slow shifting, he found the fuel economy lacking (admittedly we can’t disagree too much with this one), and he lamented the hybrid car’s rear-heavy handling. The steering is numb, the sun visors are cheap, the sat nav is rubbish, the stereo isn’t good, the engine sounds ‘gravelly’, and the fuel gauge needle is off-center. With every review of his that we read, we’re reminded that his temperament is much older and crankier than his 56-year-old, millionaire reality might belie.

So what did he like about the NSX? Well, he was happy with the technology to price ratio, and he did give laudatory remarks regarding the NSX’s ability to look like a normal car inside and out despite its ‘behind-the-scenes complexity‘. He also noted the NSX a good looking supercar. We can’t disagree there, we find the car’s sheet metal┬áremarkably beautiful. It’s interesting and it’s pretty, but that’s not enough to make Clarkson happy. Do we care?

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