Accord-Riding Pony Narrowly Escapes California Wildfires

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When the pony’s owner faced transportation challenges amidst peril, a family member got creative with her Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord has always excelled in the marketplace due to its versatility and reliability. In other words, it works well for a variety of purposes, and it’s ready to work when you most need it to. This was proven true (not that it needed to) when Lauren¬†Mesaros had to make an emergency escape from Santa Rosa, California.

According to SFGATE, Mesaros’ home was in the direct path of recent wildfires in northern California, and had no choice but to evacuate and leave everything behind. Well, almost everything, because she couldn’t leave her two mares and a pony named “Stardust.”

Unfortunately, Mesaros didn’t own a trailer so she had to borrow one last-minute in order to attempt to transport her horses to safety. She quickly realized her luck was good but not great when the trailer she borrowed could hardly fit the two mares, therefore leaving no room for Stardust.

Eventually Mesaro decided to load the mares in the trailer and attempted to lure Stardust into the backseat of her 2001 Honda Accord. Surprisingly, the cute little beast quickly hopped into the spacious backseat and made himself right at home, as this Facebook photo shows. If you ask us, the Accord’s plush rear accommodations are probably nicer than the stinky haystack he usually sleeps on.

Speaking of stinky,¬†“My car will never smell the same again,” Mesaros told SF Gate. “It’s a little funky in the backseat, but Stardust survived.”

We’re glad everything worked out and everyone made it out to safety. That being said, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever transported in your Accord’s backseat?

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