Honda Confirms Production Urban EV In Europe For 2019

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This cutesy Honda concept is hitting the streets soon. Do you want one?

Last night at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda doubled down on their electrified future. Like Chevrolet, Volvo, and some other brands, Honda has confirmed that in the near future every single one of their cars will feature electrification of some kind. The Urban EV concept will be perhaps leading that charge (pun intended) of new product with electric power. And, allegedly, it will look a lot like this concept when it hits the showroom. Honda mentioned this at the car’s official unveiling in Frankfurt last month, but are sticking to their guns that this trick electric car will be available to purchase as a 2019┬ámodel.

There are obviously a few design tweaks that won’t quite make it, like the million spoke wheels and LED ‘grille’ messaging system, but the N600 vintage-inspired shape should stay, and the upright four-adults seating as well. For legislation reasons, the car will probably eschew those video camera “mirrors” for a traditional piece of reflective glass. If it looks even half as good as this one, however, we’re all for it.

What is your take on the situation? Is Honda silly for diving too deep into the electrification pool, with more hybrid and battery-powered cars, or is this the future of motoring? We tend to believe that the engineers at Honda are pretty smart, and if they’re jumping on this EV train, we’re mostly ready to get on board with them. While the Urban EV has only been confirmed for European markets, we sure hope they decide to bring this car stateside, and soon. Honda Urban EV Concept supermini Europe Frankfurt Auto show

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