This is How Much Faster A Modified Civic Type R is Versus A Stock One

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Age-old debate of modified vs. stock plays out on one of the West Coast’s most challenging tracks.

To modify or not to modify, that is the question. Well, for some. For most loyal Honda-Tech readers and forum members it’s obvious that some cars need to be modified. Sometimes merely customized, but often modified to suit individual tastes. The Civic Type R is good, as we’ve written. The question, however, is how do mods affect the hot hatch when you throw a track day at it? We found this video by YouTuber Zygrene, a Bay Area car enthusiast named Fenton Sun. He takes a stock Civic Type R on Thunderhill Raceway in central California. The track is notoriously challenging, which a quick YouTube search can confirm. Note the number of “near miss” and “crash” videos in the results.

The stock CTR does incredibly well, and Sun enjoys the torque and the lack of torque steer. Brake pedal feel is also really consistent, despite going out for a 20-minute session. For those who don’t do many track days, OEM brakes are typical weak points. The downsides, however aren’t minor. The rev-matching function was acting up on him and was inconsistent. The other non-surprise was the tires: after 2 laps they were basically toast. Sun’s best lap time was a 2:08.79.

Modified Civic Type R track day

Sun the gets a few laps in a friend’s modified Type R. The mods list is modest: Ohlins coilovers, HKS exhaust and oil cooler, PRL intercooler and Stage 1 intake, carbon fiber hood, wing extension, Winmax brake pads, and 18” Volk Racing CE28N wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan A052 tires. Naturally, grip is much better, and brake feel is much improved. There is noticeable torque steer however, which is likely because of the Volk wheels and their non-stock offset. In the modded Type R his sloppy lap was a 2:04! Dropping four seconds with tires that have a few track days in them already is pretty impressive.

What mods would you do to a Civic Type R? Join us in the forums and let us know!

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