Built K24 Swapped Civic Coupe is Sleeper Quiet

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It doesn’t have to be loud to be fast, as this all-motor K24 setup shows.

Hondas and modifications have stages. Naturally, there’s the kind you’re thinking of: bolt-ons, turbo kits, engine swaps, etc. The other kind are often tied to maturity. Sure, it’s fun to run around in your hatchback so low that it scrapes in every driveway with an exhaust that might as well be straight piped. But not forever. Sometimes your tastes change. Sometimes you can’t afford the tickets anymore.

Honda enthusiast Kerry Smith, who runs the Childstar YouTube channel, took his own project car through that progression recently. We found this video where he does more show and less tell about the new exhaust. Kerry’s a vlogger, so if that’s not your thing here’s the link that jumps you straight to the good stuff.

Sixth Gen Civic Coupe

The sixth gen Civic coupe has been modified in all the right ways. For those who aren’t familiar, Kerry does good work and has featured it here in the Honda-Tech forums. Some might call it obsessive, but we call it detail oriented. Like so many, the car got loud when it got fast. The K24 he swapped in is laying down just shy of 300 hp. What blew us away is how quiet the car is with the Tanabe Touring Medalion exhaust. You know it isn’t stock, but give a listen and we’d be surprised if you guessed it’s putting down 300 at the wheels.

Sixth Gen Civic Coupe

Coupes are really starting to grow on us. They obviously have a strong following ’round these parts, but they’re not the same as hatchbacks. Which is arguably a big selling point. Kerry’s coupe isn’t as pristine as many we’ve seen, but it’s driven. If you’ve been around much you’ll probably have picked up on the fact that something imperfect but driven > garage queen in our book every time. Plus, nothing like a few scrapes to make the guy next to you think your ride is just another dumped Civic with a D series under the hood.

Have you ever built a sleeper? What would you do differently? Join us in the forums and let us know what you think!

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