1,000-Horsepower Odyssey Might Be the Best Weird Car at Pebble

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If I told you I had a 1,029-horsepower Honda to show you, what would you expect? You’d probably think it was some sort of Type R, right? Maybe a built Civic, Integra, or NSX? Those probably exist somewhere in the world, but the belle of this ball is the glorious Honda Odyssey. Yep, a 1,000-horsepower minivan.

In this case, the ball is Monterey Car Week, where this Bisimoto-tuned Odyssey will hit the auction block at Mecum. If your memory serves you well, you’ll remember that this is the van Rutledge Wood drove on Top Gear U.S.A.

This vehicle was not built for that show. Rather, it was just built to prove a point that literally any vehicle could be fun. In order to make the family hauler a joy, Bisi turbocharged a 3.6-liter V6 engine all the way up to 1,029 horsepower and linked it to a six-speed manual transmission.

The full list of mods is important, but here are some of the big ones: Turbonetics 7265 turbine, RG45 wastegate, Spearco intercooler, Godzilla blow-off valve, Arias 9.0:1 forged pistons, R&R rods, Golden Eagle sleves, ARP head studs, Bisimoto-Web level 2.4 cams, fully ported heads, a Supertech valvetrain, and an AEM Infinity engine control system. The customization all makes it quite easy to do some of the best front-wheeled burnouts you’ll ever see.

That’s just for power. For style, it also has an adjustable Air Ride suspension, custom 20-inch Tarmac R40 wheels, Toyo T1 sport tires, a leather interior, and a four-point roll cage. Gotta protect the fam, you know.

The car debuted at SEMA a couple years ago, and now it’s going up for auction next to some of the most special cars in the world. And yes, we think this deserves to be there.

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