Fred Plan and His Daily Driver NSX Are the Best of Friends

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Your daily driver is a Honda Civic. Your neighbor’s daily driver is a Honda Accord. Fred Plan’s daily driver is an Acura NSX. You know the one. The one that escapes the horsepower-is-king trap. The one that writes the book on pure handling. The one that makes flip-up headlights cool? Okay, okay, let’s be real, flip-up headlights have always been cool, especially¬†on my first car, the Saturn SC2 Coup√©.

The dopeness factor increases exponentially (at least in my eyes) with the super-rare dark purple paint job. Fred actually didn’t like it when he found the 1995 car on Craigslist. “Who the f*** would do this to a beautiful car?” he wondered, as noted in the video below. But after looking more closely at the ad, he actually kinda liked the paint, and later found out that there were only about 40 that came out of the factory as such.

Once he picked up the NSX, Fred certainly appreciated the purity of the vehicle, so he didn’t customize a ton. But what he did change, he focused on exaggerating the things it already did well, or customized it to his specific driving style. See what exactly he did and watch this beautiful thing in motion below, then let us know what you think.

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