5 Inexpensive Civic Mods

Not all modifications are meant to break the bank; check out this slideshow for five mods you can do for cheap.

By Bassem Girgis - September 15, 2016
Tinted Windows
Interior Lighting
Headlight Bulbs
Lowering Springs
Cold Air Intake

1. Tinted Windows

Nothing says 'executive' like dark, tinted windows. Tinting all of your windows can cost you as little as $100, which includes all the glass on your Civic, minus the front windshield. Having tinted windows can complement the previous modification, as it makes the whole car look mysterious. If you want your Civic to look just right, check your local laws then tint your windows.

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2. Interior Lighting

For just $5 or more, you can change the interior of your Civic by changing some of the lights to LED bulbs. Even a small dome light bulb replacement can change the whole vibe of your interior. The more you want to spend, the more bulbs you can change to any color you want. You Civic's interior is where you spend most of your time driving; make the vibe right.

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3. Headlight Bulbs

Replacing the headlight bulbs on your Civic can make it look fierce. LED lights can not only enhance the looks of your Civic, but it can also tremendously increase the visibility. This modification can set you back $30 or more, depending on the type of bulbs you use. If you want your Civic to stand out at night, this mod will do just that.

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4. Lowering Springs

Nothing says stance more than a low one. Lowering a Civic has always been one of the most popular modifications. A lower vehicle will handle much better around fast corners, but it will also look extremely attractive. You don't need a full air bag system to lower your car. Instead, you can purchase lowering springs starting at $200, which will give it a sleek look and make it handle tremendously better.

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5. Cold Air Intake

Upgrading the stock air box to a cold air intake can greatly benefit your Civic. A cold air intake pulls cold air from outside of the engine compartment and pushes it into the warm engine, thus increasing its performance. A cold air intake is considered to be the first performance modification and should only set you back $200 or more, depending on the brand you buy. This is a mod that will make your Civic feel and sound like a totally different car.

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