A Civic Type R is a Great Winter Car (Video)

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We’re not just talking about all that “boost weather” air you get starting in the Fall, either.

For those with the means, when Winter comes knocking the sports cars head to the garage. For most of us, we’ve got to pick a car and make it the winter driver. We came across YouTuber Elias, of the FlyinGato channel (Spanish for “flying cat”) who happens to not only own and vlog about his Civic Type R, he has real winter to deal with. He’s got East Coast winter to deal with, and that’s no small foe. Though they have the infrastructure to respond to snow, you’re often left with conditions that are less than ideal. Luckily, for those who were wondering, he put together a video about driving his Type R through winter.

“Every time I get into this car it puts a smile on my face,” Elias says. We agree. Track day hero, back road bandit; Winter car? Apparently it’s better than his BMW. Elias has a BMW 335d, which is a rear-wheel drive sedan with a turbodiesel engine. Torque + RWD + snow = traction issues. That’s great for fun, but not for bad weather. Elias explains, “[The Type R is] a much better inclement weather car.” The front-wheel drive powertrain, which puts most of the weight over the drive and steering wheels, certainly helps. That, and the limited-slip differential that helps it put all 306 ponies to the ground helps when the weather gets slippery.

Honda Civic Type R Winter

Aside from the powertrain arrangement, the keyless entry and ignition have been unanticipated perks. He imagined he’d never think much of the capability, but after 7-8 months of ownership, he says he’s come to appreciate the feature. Especially in winter. The key can stay his pocket, he can walk up, unlock the door and go. All without removing his gloves for even a moment to fish around in a pocket. He notes, “keyless entry and keyless ignition is highly underrated I think.”

Watch the video to see what else he enjoys. Do you have any features you’ve come to love that you didn’t think were all that impressive at first? Join us in the forums and let us know.

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