This NSX With a K20 Swap is INSANE – YES A K20 SWAP

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We don’t know what to do with our hands. Seriously.

World renowned, the NSX is just about as close as you can get to peak driving perfection. It didn’t come on to the scene with a guns-blazing attitude, but instead with a hearty V6 and a drive-it-daily attitude. But what if someone wanted to swap in a completely insane engine?

A V8? Probably. But you probably wouldn’t expect it to be a 4-cylinder.

But here we are, an NSX with a K20 swap. Before you even cast doubt, know that this engine produces almost four times the horsepower of the C30A V6. For that, we’ll give the idea a nod of approval, and even a pass. But where it really wants to pass is down the 1/4 mile.

So here’s the details. The car was bought and built to be raced, as the owner had discovered the car was involved in a crash, despite a clean CARFAX. That tells us the crash was small, but the seller stresses it anyway. There’s also the engine swap. You’ll have no loss of power with the K20 as it is turbocharged to the max with an estimated 1,000 horsepower.


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It’s not a street car, though, even if it is road legal. All the comforts have been removed for the sake of 1/4 mile times. But if you can overlook that, and don’t mind the $42,000 price tag, then maybe this is the car for you.

Take a look at the build list below and tell us what you think…

Turbo Tuff Rods +625 Bolts
JE 10:1 Pistons w/ Upgraded Pins
4 Piston Ported Oil Pump
L19 Head Studs
CSS Race Version Block w/ O-Rings
Supertech Valvetrain
BC2 Cams
Hybrid Racing Tensioner
ATI Race Damper
ProJay 8 Injector Manifold
K-Tuned 90mm TB

Albins 1-4 Gear Set
OEM 5/6 Gears
Albins Final Drive
DSS Spool
New Synchrotech Carbon Synchros
DSS Custom 1000hp Axles
DSS Upgraded Halfshaft
Competition Clutch Triple Disc Clutch

Fuel System:
8 ID 1300x Injectors
Mangafuel 4303 Pump
10 Gallon Fuel Cell
KB Boost-A-Pump
RC 5 Gallon Water Tank/Built-In Pump

Turbo Setup:
PTE GT-42 7175 Turbo
PTE Air to Water Intercooler
Custom T4 Turbo Manifold
2 TiAL 50mm BOVs
TiAL 60mm Wastegate
4″ Downpipe

AIM Dash
ARC Switch Panel
S2000 Leather Seats
AEM 5 Bar Map
Hybrid Racing Shift Box
Custom Shift Cables & Bracket
Hondata 8 Inj. Driver

Belak 15″ Wheels
275 Pro Radials
ARP Extended Studs
New Wheels Bearings
SOS Lexan Rear Window
Carbon Wing

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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