Civic Type R vs. Focus RS in Hot Hatchback Championship

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Can some famous Honda front-wheel drive magic top a more powerful, all-wheel drive hot-hatch?

It seems like the Honda Civic Type R has been taking all challengers lately, no matter how many wheels they power. This time around we found a video where the Civic takes on the Ford Focus RS. The video was made by Motor1, a website that reviews new cars. Writer Brandon Turkus is doing the presenting and he drives both hot hatches back-to-back on the street to get a real-world feel.

“The Civic is more of a driver’s car,” Turkus says. He just got done heaping praise on the Focus RS for having lots of power, but as many already know: it’s often not how much, but how well you use that power that really counts. Though the Civic is down on power compared to the Focus (306 hp vs. 350 hp) it’s also 300 pounds lighter. “[The Civic] always feels more willing to go,” he observes. “I think it might be the sharpest-handling car for the money right now.”

Honda Civic Type R compared with Ford Focus RS

Perhaps the most telling part of the review is when he notes that he spent three days driving the Focus RS around for the test, then the Civic arrived. “When the Civic Type R finally arrived I sat down in it and it was kinda like falling into my favorite chair. These seats are so much more comfortable every day.”


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What’s the verdict? The Focus RS is a “five-door muscle car” because it’s fun in a straight line. The Civic though, Turkus says, “is a five-door sports car”. The Civic Type R is better at everything that isn’t a straight line and is far more livable day-to-day than the Focus.

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