Does The Civic Si HFP Make A Good Type R Compromise?

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If you were already set on a Civic Si, the HFP is a worthy consideration.

Honda Factory Performance, AKA HFP, has always been a way of upgrading modern Civics with quality, well-built parts. Getting ahold of the Civic Si HFP presented a unique perspective for YouTube channel Throttle House. Host Thomas Holland presents us with an interesting question: does it provide a fair middle ground between the regular Si, and the top-of-the-range Type R. The simple answer is “yes” but the reasons why are pretty neat.

One of the Type R’s trademarks is its handling, and Honda Factory Performance has equipped the Si with recalibrated forms of the adaptive dampers. Press “sport” and Holland says, “sharp is the way I’d describe how this car goes around corners” Add to that the limited slip differential, and much stickier tires as standard, and you have an extremely engaging sport compact.

Honda Civic Si HFP

Sure, it doesn’t have the CTR’s monster of an engine, but the Si still isn’t bad anyway. “It’s not like an old VTEC engine that’s just absolutely insane and taps off the rev limiter, but it still has a quality about it that makes you wan to run out the gears.” Holland understands it’s not going to be like the old motors, but that’s OK. However he does have one complaint. “There is however a little bit of rev-hang. Especially from 1-2 and 2-3, you do kinda have to wait. You really can’t rip through the gears in this car. That gets frustrating really, really quickly.”


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But if that’s the worst of it, we’ll take the good. Holland is pleased with the HFP, saying “the rest of the car is as nice to drive as you’d expect a Civic to be.”

Some outside flair has been added but the HFP puts the emphasis on the “P” in the name, making it a great addition for those who just might not want all the Type R flash. But don’t think you’re sacrificing any capability. At the conclusion of the video, Holland is happy to say, “without a doubt this car would be perfectly suited to a track day or autocross course with nothing done to it.”

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