Civic Sedan Beats Dodge Demon in 1/8 Mile! (Video)

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Long vlog takes forever to reach the good parts, but also perfectly captures the enthusiast experience at test-n-tune nights.

We were pulled in by the headline: “Dodge Demon vs 860 HP Honda Civic.” YouTuber Boostipher goes with his brother as he takes his Civic sedan (EG8) to Irwindale Speedway for an 1/8th mile event for a shakedown run.

They had finally gotten the Civic tuned properly, which put about 860 hp to the wheels on C85 race fuel. That’s basically a more consistent blend of E85 than is available at the pumps. Boostipher explains, “on this gas, you don’t go by mpg, you go by smiles per gallon.”

Honda Civic vs Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

We’ve worked our magic and gotten the video to start around the 9:30 mark since the rest of it is pretty slow. Though it doesn’t make for super exciting watching, it perfectly captures the experience. Show up, unload the car, get excited, head to the tech inspection and wait. Wait some more. Get the car approved (hopefully) and then wait some more to be able to make a pass.

When they finally get to the track for their pass the Sport Front Wheel Drive class Civic lines up against a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. You know, the latest yacht, er, hot-rod from Dodge. On pump gas, the big Demon makes 808 hp, and if he’s opted for the 100-octane tune it’s putting down 840 ponies. A worthy competitor to be sure. The much lighter EG8 has a far more favorable power-to-weight ratio, but needs to make sure it hooks up. Go ahead and watch it again. We watched it a few times. Boostipher narrates, “this is gonna be a wicked one, guys. Dodge Demon versus Civic! Gonna be a good race, tell ya that.”

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Honda Civic beats Demon

Boostipher’s brother sets his personal best, and in the process goes fast enough to get kicked out. He posts a 6.370 seconds @ 126.4 mph in the 1/8th mile! Boostipher talked with the driver of the Dodge and found out that the best time he posted was a 6.6 second run. He said, “so, either way, my brother still would’ve freakin walked him no matter what.” Honda domination.

According to NHRA rules anything under 9.99 seconds in the ¼ mile, which is 6.39 in the 1/8 mile, needs more than a cage and a helmet. That bumps you up to not only needing an NHRA competition license, but an SFI jacket, pants, gloves, and collar.

Has anyone else been kicked out for going “too fast”? Hop on the forums and let us know!

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