Boosted K20 Finds New Home in a Volkswagen Corrado

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K swap Volkswagen Corrado VW

We normally see K motors swapped into other Honda models, so this Volkswagen is a cool change of pace.

Here at Honda-tech, we’re fans of all cars, even ones not originally made by Honda. Take for example this Volkswagen Corrado. Being VW’s more stylish hot hatch back in the day, the Corrado has developed its own cult following, but this one bucks the trend of keeping things German, and instead, uses a boosted K20 for forward momentum.

Boost for the K20 is supplied by a Boostlab 6262 turbo, and cooled through a custom intercooler setup. Fuel choice is up to you, as this Corrado can run on regular fuel or E85. Programming is done by an AEM standalone unit and if we were able to uncover definitive power numbers, we’d tell you. However, we suspect those numbers are impressive. The swap itself doesn’t look too out-of-place in the front of this VW, with evidence here and there of shaving and wire tucking.

K swap Volkswagen Corrado VW

In many ways, this car could almost be called a sleeper. No one would suspect from the outside what’s lurking under the hood, but one quick glance into the interior gives a few hints. A gauge display nicked from an AP1 S2000 is neatly nestled in to the square opening for Volkswagen’s original analogue gauges. A billet shifter also provides some hints that this isn’t your standard Corrado.

K swap Volkswagen Corrado VW

From the outside, the swap is even less evident. Any hints of the car’s potential given by the sticky rubber and the stainless exhaust are contrasted with less than ideal paint, and mismatched front and rear bumpers. Even the custom intercooler is hidden very well by the front

Still, the Corrado was made with a very competent chassis, and with a boosted K20, would be an absolute blast to drive. This one gets our approval.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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