Turbo K20 Civic Goes from 600 to 900+ Horsepower Just Like That

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Vlogger captures the long nights and lengthy drives that often accompany dyno tuning.

We came across this dyno video that’s a little different than most. There’s definitely some gnarly dyno pulls, and some incredible numbers, but Percy Mescudi who runs the YouTube channel Zosh, captures the sometimes-mind-numbing experience of dyno days. There are often long drives to and from the shop, and long hours while the tuner does his thing. This isn’t The Fast and the Furious, after all. Serious dyno-tuning is precision work and we’re always impressed by the kinds of increases a tuner can squeeze out of a setup.

In this video Mescudi’s tuner, Jason, of Genesis Automotive is tuning his own car, a dark green late-90s Civic Sedan with a fully built K20A2 and a turbo. If you want to skip right to the good stuff, here’s the link, it starts around the 5:40 mark. According to Mescudi, Jason’s car made 1,000 hp to the wheels prior to the motor build, so they expect it’ll put down similar, if not better numbers.

1000 Hp K20 Swapped Civic

When they start out the sedan puts down about 600 hp! That’s where many would stop, but he just keeps on working. The numbers climb steadily with each dyno pull, but when he gets within spitting distance of the magic number the clutch starts to slip and he roasts it. The final number before the clutch threw in the towel? 912 horsepower at 35 psi of boost!

What about that tiring part we mentioned? It took Jason nearly 5 hours to dial the car in. They arrived around 9 p.m. and weren’t pulling another car onto the dyno until 4 in the morning. That’s a long night, especially with an hour drive ahead of them. Call us old men, but we’d be sleeping in the parking lot before hitting the road back.

Do you have any dyno stories like that? Drop a comment and tell us about it!

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