This Might Be the World’s Coolest Honda Accord Wagon

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Nissan RB25DET engine, a Skyline transmission and rear-wheel drive make for one awesome Accord.

The video above comes to us from the Hoonigan Bonus YouTube channel and it features a 1994 Honda Accord that is one of the coolest modern Japanese wagons we have seen. Granted, almost every piece of the vehicle was replaced with parts from a different vehicle during the build, but at the end of the day, this is still technically a Honda Accord…it just happens to have S13 suspension, a Skyline R32 face and a Nissan RB25DET engine under the hood.

RWD, RB-Powered Accord Wagon

The car shown in the pictures and video here began its life as an average 1994 Honda Accord wagon. After years of normal use and abuse, it was destined for the scrap yard, when it was purchased by artist Aromondo Monoletti. He wanted to create something special out of this car, so he teamed up with fabricator Robert Bell and seven months later, this machine shown here was the result.

Rear-Drive Honda Accord Wagon on the Road

At this point, many people would struggle to recognize it as a Honda Accord, but at the core of this Frankenstein car is a Honda VIN and the remains of a Honda chassis. However, almost everything else is from one of several Nissan performance cars.

Accord Front Burnout

Nissan Power

Under the hood of this unique Honda Accord wagon is an RB25DET inline-six from a Nissan Skyline R34. This engine is fitted with an HKS GT28 turbocharger upgrade, allowing it to make around 320 horsepower. That power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a five-speed manual transmission from an R34 Skyline, an R33 driveshaft and a rear differential from an S13 240SX.

Honda Accord Nissan Engine

To utilize the Nissan rear-drive drivetrain, the build team installed the rear subframe from an S13, while some custom tubing and the S13 subframe replaces the front portion of the Accord. This allowed them to use the S13 suspension and the S13 steering column, while the brakes were borrowed from a Z32 300ZX.


More Nissan, Inside and Out

In addition to the Nissan Skyline engine, transmission and driveshaft, this Accord has the front fascia from an R32 Skyline and flares that were intended for use on a Nissan while the gauge cluster is out of a Z32 300ZX as well. The car does maintain the factory dashboard, but that is likely the only thing in the cockpit that came from the Honda factory. Bride racing seats replace the stock seats and there is nothing behind those seats but a Formula Drift-approved roll cage system.


Honda Accord Huge Rear Drive Burnout

After Monoletti and Bell walk us around and through this remarkable Nissan-powered, rear-wheel-drive Honda Accord wagon, the owner jumps behind the wheel for a big smoky burnout.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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