B18 Swapped Mini is Retro VTEC-powered Goodness

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Honda engine swaps aren’t just for Hondas any more.

We’ve all seen how swappable the entire Honda lineup is, especially for those Golden 90s. It’s important not to forget that non-Honda platforms can benefit from the reliable mod-friendly engines as well too. We found this video by Steveston Motor Co, a Mini specialist shop in Canada that details a Morris Mini that’s got a B18 living under the hood.

The owner, Felix, bought the car with the B18 already under the hood. It’s not a traditional swap, one that purists are probably turning their noses up at, but Felix didn’t build it for anybody else.

B Swapped Classic Mini

“Build a car that moves you, that connects with you,” he explains. “A lot of people will say this is not original… so what? You’re driving a car that you want, you’re building a car that you like. In the end, whatever moves you is the car you will enjoy for the rest of your life.” Though it’s fun to imagine building cars as often as some people do on YouTube, it’s not realistic. Most people build one or two cars, if that. Make ‘em count.

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The swapped Honda heart is a B18C1, which makes 217 hp to the wheels! Felix bought the car already B-swapped, but soon found out that it wasn’t as good as he had thought. “The car was built by someone just finishing high school,” he points out. “It didn’t look as good as the videos and the pictures, so I began doing my own modifications and revisions.” Engine came out, wiring harness, paint down to primer. Everything was gone over and changed when it didn’t meet Felix’s higher standards. It shows in the final product.

B Swapped Classic Mini engine bay

The most subtle revision, but one of the coolest, is the wheels: the car was initially built with replicas of a magnesium 10-inch Gianni Potenza wheel. Felix found a set of genuine Gianni Potenzas instead. Apparently a Chinese company makes golf cart wheels that look darn near identical to the Potenzas. Not the most confidence inspiring heritage if you ask me.

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