K24-Swapped Manual Honda Odyssey Legitimizes Soccer Runs

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Modded Honda van proves that you don’t have to give up your love of cars after adding a few members to the family.

Vans have, and always have had, a bad reputation. Essentially, they’re nothing more than boring boxes designed to haul the whole family, and not much else. That’s fine and dandy for most folks, but van ownership is something the rest of us dread like the plague. That is, unless we had the option of buying an Odyssey like this K24-powered, manual transmission-equipped beast featured in a recent video from Kazuto Garage.

Of course, that’ll never happen. But you can do like this van’s owner, Rafi, and just build your own. Not content with being labeled as some soccer mom, Rafi completed a full Type R conversion on his van and turned it into perhaps the coolest Odyssey on the planet.

Honda Odyssey K24

On the outside, that involves a few basic mods that help the Honda van look a little cooler. Things like a front lip, and surprisingly, as set of Mitsubishi Evo 10 wheels. 6-piston calipers up front help slow things down in a hurry. Rafi even went so far as to install an active exhaust, so he can unleash the sounds of his mighty K24 when the situation calls for it. You know, like when you’re pulling up next to that fellow dad you don’t like at soccer practice.

Honda Odyssey K24

And this heavy Honda makes pretty decent power – around 330 to the crank and 291 at the wheels. With the row-your-own tranny, this thing sure looks like a fun family toy. And that’s exactly what Rafi uses it for. He hauls the kids around in it with exhaust bottled up. And once he drops them off, he opens it all up and has a little fun. And if that doesn’t make this Odyssey the ultimate dual-purpose van on the planet, we don’t know what will. Well, except maybe a turbo or two.

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