’90s Japanese Supercar Comparison: NSX vs RX7 vs Supra

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The early 1990s brought out some of the best sports cars from Japan. How do they compare driven back to back on the roads today?

The Honda NSX is the best thing to come out of the 1990s, except the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, of course. Taking their advanced technology from years in Formula One, they then built the ultimate road car. The target for the incredible NSX were the V8-powered Ferrari 308 and 328. Honda aimed to build a better, and more reliable supercar for a significantly less money. Using all of their motorsports knowledge, they built an all aluminum monococque chassis. They engineered a 3-liter V6 to rev over 8,000 rpms and punch out 270hp. This power figure matched the V8 of Ferrari 328 and was only 30 horsepower shy of the 348. So, while Honda was chasing Ferrari what were Mazda and Toyota building?

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Mazda’s top level sports cars are rotory-powered and in 1993 the FD RX7 was king. The twin-turbo 1.3-liter rotary engine is small and compact. It produces 252 horsepower and uses a twin-sequential turbo system. The RX7 is a lightweight, high-revving sports car.

On the other end is the Toyota Supra, Japan’s muscle car. In 1993, the Mark 4 Supra hit the market. It has a twin-turbo inline-six cylinder engine, producing 276 horsepower. Although the factory horsepower rating is lower then the actual number the Supra puts down. As the Japanese manufacturers had an agreement to not go over 276 hp on any road cars. The Supra is a heavier car with more of a focus on straight line performance. Driving all three of these legends sounds like a dream.

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In this video, YouTuber Zygrene takes us on this very special drive. He gathers a Honda NSX, Mazda RX7, and a Toyota Supra to go for a drive. He also happens to be a NSX owner himself, so see what he has to say about these amazing Japanese legends. So, let us know which you would choose in the comments.

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