McLaren-Honda Debut 2017 MCL32 Formula 1 Contender McLaren Honda Formula One F1 MCL32 race car

The Formula 1 Field Will Be A Bit More Colorful This Year As The MCL32 Returns To McLaren’s Legendary Orange Livery If the striking new livery doesn’t get your attention, the details of the all-new McLaren-Honda MCL32 will. Debuting during the week of other reveals from Ferrari and Force India, the MCL32 initially bucks the […] More »

  Comments | By - February 27, 2017

Why You Should Never Buy a “Rare” 1991 NSX Convertible

The NSX Convertible That Should Have Never Been. Yesterday, we witnessed tragedy. Patrick Morgan found this convert-ified Acura NSX for sale on eBay. We thought he would highlight the hideousness of the car, but he didn’t. For reasons completely unknown, he actually likes it. When confronted, there was no irony in his defense. There was […] More »

  Comments | By - February 23, 2017

Would You Buy A Rare 1991 NSX Convertible? honda-tech Acura NSX convertible eBay find

  The NSX Convertible Didn’t Come From The Factory, But That Doesn’t Stop It From Looking Sharp Vehicle conversions sometimes get hacked up beyond recognition, but this NSX convertible actually looks quite nice. This one is a 1991 example that we found on eBay and according to the documents, it lived as a coupe for […] More »

  Comments | By - February 22, 2017

Need An Integra With More Horsepower Than A New Z06? Of Course You Do! turbo integra GSR

This One Has A Few Different Stages For Its Turbo Set Up, And Even Dialed Back, It’s Still Making 450 Horsepower It seems to be easier than ever to make horsepower these days out of a GSR block, and one Integra owner from the mid-west has pushed that number all the way to an astonishing […] More »

  Comments | By - February 22, 2017

The Honda Project 2&4 Still Rocks Our Socks

Extensive usage of carbon fiber, kevlar, and other strong but lightweight materials render a gorgeous looking design, and an extremely lightweight body. How light? 839 pounds.

  Comments | By - February 21, 2017

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