Garage Work Time Attack EK Laps Tsukuba in Under 1:00 Garage Work Civic EK Civic Type R CTR Tsukuba

New aerodynamic aids keep this EK planted like a sapling on Arbor Day. We’ve written about the Garage Work EK Civic Type R before. This purpose-built Time Attack car has successfully broken the elusive one-minute barrier at Tsukuba Circuit already. It’s back again, with some very dramatic aerodynamic modifications that make it stick to the […] More »

  Comments | By - October 10, 2017

Lets Just Build Tsukuba Circuits Everywhere Honda Tsukubua Circuit Nurburgring

We think the famously challenging course should be in everyone’s backyard.

  Comments | By - October 9, 2017

Electron Blue Honda Civic Si Just Sold for Big Cash 1999 Electron Blue EM1 Civic Si Sale

Unicorns also come in Electron Blue. Check out this immaculate EM1 Si! Here we are again with yet another perfect example of a clean EM1 Si that recently sold on Bring A Trailer. Something is telling us that it might be ideal time to shop around and pick one up. This particular EM1 Civic Si […] More »

  Comments | By - October 6, 2017

9-Second, Stick-Shifted, Turbocharged Integra Destroys V8s 9 second turbo Integra beats V8

Turbo FWD monster walks a bunch of American muscle cars on their home turf.  Drag racing is a lot of fun, and, of course, it’s more fun when you win. With this turbocharged Integra, the driver got to compound the fun by beating cars with three times the displacement. A lot of drag racers are […] More »

  Comments | By - October 5, 2017

Don’t Try This At Home: CRX Turned Skateboard

The rise and fall of the world’s first Honda skateboard.

  Comments | By - October 4, 2017

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