Celebrating 25 Years Of Honda Type R

Honda-tech.com Honda Acura Type R Civic CTR ITR Integra Accord Euro R NSX UK Britain history

Type R: One letter is all it takes for a Honda to change the world. Here in the US, we’ve been blessed with just two Type R iterations, the glorious DC2 Integra and the brand new FK8 Civic. While the UK market didn’t get all of them either, they certainly got more than we did. […] More »

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Acura Integra Becomes First Front-Drive Car to Clock 200 mph in 1/2-Mile

Honda-tech.com honda acura integra 200MPH 1/2 mil drag race 1000whp horsepower 1320 video Shift S3ctor

‘The Integra That Could’ kicks out ridiculous 200MPH half-mile pass. At a glance, Myles Kerr’s 1994 Acura Integra looks fast, but your first thought probably wouldn’t be, “That car can go 200 miles per hour.” Yet, Kerr’s “Grintotegra” did exactly that at the Shift S3ctor half-mile airport event in Colorado Springs. In doing so, he reset […] More »

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Clarion Builds Supercharged NSX Hits the Road Before Auction

Honda-tech.com Honda Acura NSX Clarion Builds Supercharged Restored Hooniverse

Clarion Builds NSX is more than a marketing exercise or SEMA project.  Acura’s NSX was a world changing car when it was originally launched in the early 1990s. Honda and Acura had been building cars for enthusiasts for decades, but they really staked their claim on the sports car market with the NSX. This car is […] More »

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Meet Galaxy Runner, One of the Craziest S2K’s We’ve Ever Seen.

Honda-tech.com Honda S2000 S2K Galaxy Runner custom wrap volk CE28 widebody

Fast, angry, and as gorgeous as the stars in the night sky: this Galaxy Runner Honda S2000 is one to behold. There are some cars that you can’t help but stare at. Cars that are so modified, and customized that they are works of art. Amber’s wild S2000 is one of those cars. Almost every […] More »

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Acura NSX Makes This Dork Look Like A Trackday Hero

Honda-tech.com Acura NSX track day review

NSX driver does alright on track, at least, until he flat spots a tire.  The whole point of a track day is that you should learn the limits of your car in a relatively safe environment. If you’re pushing the limits of your car on the street, you’re decidedly doing it wrong. Mr. Hoover here has […] More »

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