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Pontiac 308 GTB (Mera, Factory Repilca #31 of 157 built)

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Default Pontiac 308 GTB (Mera, Factory Repilca #31 of 157 built)

Contact me at [email protected] (spam blocker area) ame.biz for more information or to see the car. Phone number is 858 204 4050
I can be reached at any time. Looking rfor ~15K for the car will take any offer, really need to clean out the grage. This + plus my cobra + a thunderranch riot is for sale.

Looking to sell if any of you hona guys know someone who is looking could you pass the info along.

Located and registered in California. More specifically the San Diego area.

This car was built in by Corporate Concepts in Capac Michigan, all Meraís produced were factory conversions and not kits. (USA). Just about every single 308 style replica was based off a Mera or mold at some point the reason being the 2 years of clay work and design that went into the MERA concept. Of a total 247 cars built 159 were finished in 1988. This is car number 31. This car still wears its original Ferrari red paint, but has been painted in the nose and hood to eliminate stone chips. The original casting Ferrari Cromadora rims are still with the car with matching covers and have fresh tires. This car being based on the 1988 Fiero, which has the larger, vented brakes and Lotus suspension that were incorporated into the Fiero, and not available on the 87ís.

This car has only 40,800 miles on the clock, and has been maintained to a very high caliper, I would not hesitate to ship this car to any buyer due to my trust in the mechanical condition, or stop anyone from picking it up and driving it home a significant distance.

The Meraís produced in 88 were based on the Formula cars and as such were very well appointed. This car has the listed options below.

Automatic transmission
Factory Sunroof (Rare)
Power door lock and mirrors
Upgraded Stereo
Air Conditioning (Still blows cold)

Specifics about this Mera in terms of modifications and current condition are as follows. The exhaust has been modified, it is a muffler less setup that is split into two pipes and has period style tips. (This exhaust still has the correct catalytic converter, and has recently passed a smog test ~2 months.) It is very loud. (Not cobra loud)

There are period correct badges that come with the car; these are factory badges, which are a significant cost on a car like this. The side shields are missing and there is a concave ~.2mm relief in the shape of the badge still remain on the car.

The roof was just blacked out by myself using vinyl but can be easily removed. This car has the silver interior, and is very clean.

Thatís it, the car is very clean, and by Mera standards almost entirely stock, mechanically the car is in great condition, all the fluids in the entire car have been flushed in the last 1000 miles. It has recently been checked by a GM dealership and no codes were found, and the idle was set. The tires as stated above have ~20% wear, the brake pads have ~10% wear. The car blows ~5% variance across all cylinders.

Known problems with the car.

Driver side mirror rattles from the inside (have not had a chance to take it yet, more then likely very easy fix. Front latch switch for door ajar light is bad occasionally lights up the light on the dash while driving. Spraying contact cleaner stop this but it comes back. (Easy fix) Small ~4 inch piece of molding on driver door missing, Car has been touched up using black paint to hide this, so you might not be able to see it in the pictures. The rear passenger corner of the car is starting to deteriorate, this is due to a very low speed collision with a trashcan, quoted at ~200 dollars to fix but I had planned to repaint so I have not addressed it yet. Small squeak in breaks in front right. Pictures below will show damage. The paint on the car has been fully detailed but the sun has taken its toll on the rear deck so it will have to be repainted. The rest of the car is in good condition and has been fully detailed and orbital polished by myself ~2 weeks ago. There are 3 spots on the car that will need some cleanup in the paint to make the car perfect.
Vehicle Condition

Vin for Car is as follow's for those that have asked.

~80 Shell Valley (500+ hp, race car)
97 Thunderanch Riot
1988 Mera 308
04 F150 (Toy hauler)

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