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aligning rear balance shaft

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Default aligning rear balance shaft

OK the procedure in the Helms manual seems like a real pain in the ***, I dont even know how to access the hole to stick the screw driver in and lock it in place. However, I noticed that the oil pump gear has 3 markings on it. The first is a line (below) that I assume has to be pointing up,

however Im not sure it it has to line up with yellow or blue - they are right next to eachother.

Also about 7 o'clock from the top marking on the gear there is a white paint dot and a notch on the outside of the gear, do these have to be lined up with the blue dot below?

I read this thread and it said 1 out of three turns will actuall line it up correctly. Can anyone verfy this? I do notice that certain time it stays and other times it rotates on its own but are those 2 markings the only ones I have to follow?
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you NEED to use that bolt hole on the back of the block to hold it while you slip the belt on, its right there on the back of the block, from what i remember the diagram is very accurate....
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Default Re: (bb4ever)

ok what about making sure which of the three rotations is the correct one?

Modified by piotrush at 1:00 AM 11/21/2006
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Default Re: (piotrush)

ok, so I took out the bolt, and all in all there are four positions that the gear can be set with an allen wrench (in my case) through the balance shaft. They are as follows:

Now each rotation is 270* counter clockwise. On the 4th picture its is shown lining up with a little line on the oil pump housing. Can anyone confirm 100% that that is the proper setting?
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Default Re: (piotrush)

if you've never taken that gear off and moved it then the one that lines up to the mark should be right.
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Default Re: (piotrush)

Three rotations??.. Sounds familiar.. I've only done that job three times.. But I do remember something about three rotations. One of the Honda instructors once told me that the balance shaft is nothing more than just a camshaft with lobes. It has a 3 to 1 ratio. In order to find the correct spot for the balance shaft, you have to spin it a few times and such. But you'll know that you've hit the right spot when you slightly turn the balance shaft a little left and right and it just swings back into the middle itself. In other words, the lobe(s) on the shaft are pointing down.

It's a longshot, but that's all I can remember for now..
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Default Re: aligning rear balance shaft (piotrush)

The tick marks on the rearward pulley don't matter. The shaft has ONE hole in it. If your bolt/screwdriver/allen wrench goes into that hole that is all there is to it.

For the record BOTH balance shafts spin at two times (2x) the engine RPM. The front shaft has that pulley directly on that balance shaft. There is a 1:1 ratio between the forward BS pulley and its balance shaft. So one 360˚ revolution will align the marks in the same location. The rear shaft is geared differently (the pulley reduces RPM but the internal gear set raises rpm back to 2x crank rpm and changes direction of rotation) and so there is a difference in the number of turns to get the alignment hole in the shaft to get to the same position.

All you need to do is stick the allen wrench through the hole in the shaft for proper alignment.

I thought the procedure in the Helm Manual was pretty straight forward. Oh well.

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Default Re: aligning rear balance shaft (PirateMcFred)

Ya, what pirate said. The marks you are looking at are to line up the gears behind the pulley. This is also in the helm manual.
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Default Re: aligning rear balance shaft (flyrod)

Pirate, thanks for the explanation - makes sense now. I was just over amalyzing it.
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Default Re: aligning rear balance shaft+revival from hell channeling Michael Jackson

The difference in ratio for the rear balance shaft gear explains why it would the gear mark would not align with anything after hand spinning 360 deg.

Using this method pinning down the rear balance shaft and installing the gear to align with the casting behind it on the oil pump's casting. Then simply aligning the front balance shaft to it's shaft dimple and gear mark to the block. Should make for the correct factory intended alignment correct?

What you are all leaning on is that the mark on the rear oil gear unit does not necessarily matter at all. So to some extent it can be ignored. I just want to make sure.

I'd like to setup the rear oil gear correctly tho so i do plan to align it to the casting...i guess my intention here would be for the internal gears to mesh with the same gears they have been for all these years....since they are already coupled to one another sort of speak.

If at all possible can someone :

1)confirm the rear balance shaft with bolt on it...and front balance shaft aligned using its 2 marks is all that is needed for proper alignment...disregarding the oil gear pulleys mark.

2)if one chooses to NOT disregard the oil gear pulley's correct alignment for the FIRST spin would be alongside the mark on the casting of the oil pump.

3) please shooot me.....this is day 3 trying to get 100% explanation for theez fuggin mystery shafts from hell. If someone has an article on Honda's intent here I would LOVE to fuggin read the chit. So I can at least come to terms with why these 2 shafts exist other than to shaft up my whole once relatively easy project.

I hope that these BS shafts work in unison to create just the right amount of vibration at the correct frequency to open a wormhole between two universes....that by way of the fuggin belt between the 2 shafts it passes engine vibration to this other Universe where people(pref women) live constantly feeling these vibes from nowhere....unknowingly absorbing them from Hondas.
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