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misfire problems code p1399

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Default misfire problems code p1399

whats up guys/gals

started my car up yesterday and check engine came on, so i put the obd2 reader on it and code p1399 showed up.

what did you guys do to get this problem fixed????? is this a quick and easy fix or am i gonna have to take sometime and work on it????
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Default Re: misfire problems code p1399

spark plugs and wires,coil,cap rotor possiblie
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Default Re: misfire problems code p1399

I currently have been having this problem with my 2000 Civic SI.

When I get the P1399 code, it's intermittent and only happens when I go up a hill. My engine will start to shake and sound like a Subaru. I believe that it runs on 3 cylinders when this happens. My check engine light also flashes but goes away when I'm on flat level ground. And as soon as I hit another hill, it'll start to flash again and will eventually go solid.

When I check the codes with my code reader, it only shows P1399 but no misfire codes which is weird. Also, when I shut my engine off and restart it, the starter sounds like it misses a compression stroke since it whines faster so I'm thinking it's a compression problem...possibly the valves not seating right.

But since this normally happens on my 35 mile commute to work/school, I just keep driving and it mysteriously goes away and my engine runs fine until the next time it happens.

Also, my engine burns a lot of oil. I pull my spark plugs a lot and find carbon and crud built up only on my cylinder 4 spark plug while cylinder 1-3 are normal. I change that plug a lot so I'm guessing maybe the oil rings are shot in that cylinder causing carbon build up and valve seating problems...possibly the main reason for me getting the P1399.

Just my experience on this code. The P1399 may possibly be a result if your engine burns oil. But if it doesn't, try doing the normal plugs, cap, rotor and wires. Compression test wouldn't hurt either.
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Icon3 Re: misfire problems code p1399

Damn I have the cylinder misfire codes on my 1998 LX Civic too:

- P1399
- P0300
- P0301
- p0302

My car shakes and sounds like a Subaru when I slowly gas it from 0mph - 30 mph and when going up hill too (cool but definitely not good). I sometimes hear a loud cracking noise from the under piping body (resonator or catalytic converter?) when I gas the car. These are the symptoms but the biggest one and pain in the *** is the smog check. My malfunction indicator lamp keeps blinking and will cause the car to not pass the smog-check. I need help and lots of it and preferably the cheapest and most practical solution.
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Icon2 Re: misfire problems code p1399

i am getting the same trouble code on my 2000 si with the same misfire problem when in lower rpm with more strain on the engine, or going up hill as well. as i get into higher rpm the misfires stop. anyone have any ideas what this is? i also have a problem with burning oil.
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Default Re: misfire problems code p1399

Whoa old post...I'll chime in. I had this code p1399 problem and it was indeed a cylinder misfire. This was caused by running the car with a loose air filter for a month.

I secured the air filter and housing but idle still present.
No valve leaks yet the air sensor was thrown off.
Next, the engine was sucking in much more air than normal.
RPM at idle was above normal, constantly @ 2000k ...
Ignoring this problem (thinking it would go away), caused the distributor to blow out.
I had to replace it. I did.
The idle problem was still present..

Finally, I decided to change the spark plug wires..and the problem went away.

Change your spark plug wires..
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Default Re: misfire problems code p1399

Check your resistances in your plug wires. And check your resistance in your coil windings. My guess is that it's an ignition timing problem. Also check your cap and rotor to see if there is dirty contacts.
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