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Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

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Default Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

I started to notice this problem about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure if there is smoke during acceleration or when i let off the gas but smoke does come out in a blue/white color. This was with my stock exhaust on. I recently put on a t1r exhaust and notice a horrible smell during idle. It doesn't smell all the time but it is very strong, and a friend has told me i have blue smoke. Not constant but only when i'm accelerating or letting off. I did a compression test and got 198-195-200-200. It is a 98 jdm itr motor and has around 80k miles. I also had my oil changed one month ago and checked the dip and the dot was all the way at the bottom. Re-filled it, took a 2 hour trip to Orlando for HHN, came back and it was once again all the way low after only 2 days? I understand that i could have either a bad pcv, blown head gasket, bad valve seals, or ****ed something up in my rings. Is there any way to narrow it down so i don't waste money guessing?
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Default Re: Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

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Default Re: Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

Blue= piston rings, white= headgasket. Drain your oil and see if it has a milky color to it. If it doesnt then your headgasket is fine. I would then look to your valve seals as they may be the culprit of the oil burning. I mean if you are burning almost a quart of oil every 2 days I would be highly inclined to believe you are leaking more than you are burning. My 98 gsr with 180,000 miles leaks about 3/4 of a quart and burns about 1/4 of a quart every 3 weeks. Thats with it needing all of the gaskets/seals done. I haven't had time to change them yet. Thats my excuse. Did you remember to install a crush washer on your oil drain plug the last time it was re installed? Its a long shot but worth a try. I would drain your oil any way to check for coolant, and that would be a good time to check to see if the crush washer was installed. Good luck.
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Default Re: Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

sup man. i'm in the same situation as you. stock b18c, replaced my pcv valve and i still get that blue/whitish smoke on accelerating, vtecing, and when i come to a stop light as soon as i get off free way. ........ smoke is once in a while tho.

i think it's my valve seals but im trying to make sure.......

ill let ya know if i figure this one out.
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Default Re: Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

do a compression test. If one cylinder is low pour a little bit of oil in and test that cylinder, if it goes up it's your rings if not either headgasket or valve seals
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Default Re: Burning Oil/Smoke from exhaust

1st check spark plugs. See whats on them.

Usually this type of burning is caused by over head valve cover seals also called B gasket. They are under the valve cover spark plug area. High rev will blow them little guys out. They get old and dry rot and crack as well. I rplace all rubber gaskets on my car and have had no leaks or smoke or any type of any problem with emissions. Try replacing these. if you pull a plug out and see oil any where on it that is what needs to be replaced. These Overhead cam engines camshafts bathe in oil, being washed overhead. it will work its way around. This is a simple way to check your gaskets and rubber before a whole rip down. I know other types of smke can be bad but this could also be blow by from the oil that is seeping in overhead through these Gaskets im talking about. there like 2 bucks each through majestic
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